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Moved from Blogger to WordPress, for control and features

Blogger is great to get your feet wet, but when you want more control and features, you've gotta move on.

This is a quick update, perhaps the final post I will ever make on my old Blogger blog.

I moved to a the WordPress blogging system last year. BUT - WordPress is SO powerful as a content management system (supplemented by plugins) that I ALSO ended up converting my business website to WordPress!!!

Come visit me on my WordPress -based websites, and check out the WordPress-related articles on each site.

The business site that just got converted to WordPress (from old-fashioned HTML) is at

My blog is now at

Both sites run off the WordPress blogging and light content management system.

In particular, pay attention to I use plugins better on TimsLaw, such as keyword tags and dynamic sitemaps. On RadMod, I don't use keywords yet - I use the WordPress "Category" feature to organize the info.

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Radical Moderate has MOVED to

GOOD NEWS for those who follow this blog.

Visit the NEW Radical Moderate blog site

The NEW Radical Moderate site uses different software that allows Categorization of posts, and has a nice search feature, and is much more customizeable and controllable by me.

So click this link and Visit the NEW Radical Moderate blog site.

Of course, you can stay here or Blogger if you want. All the old posts are still around. You just CAN'T FIND THEM CAUSE THERE ARE NO FREAKIN CATEGORIES ALLOWED. All the posts are organized only by DATE, not the very logical CATEGORY form of organization you will find at The Radical Moderate.

Come on over.

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Transfer just about ready for prime time

FINALLY! I finally figured out how to get posts out of Blogger and into Wordpress.

I just need to tweak the default Wordpress template a little, and I'll have new blogging 4U.

Thanks for patience.

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Transfer Hell - Can't escape Blogger

I've been spending some time lately trying to transfer my blog out of Blogger and into another format with more flexibility. Failing miserably.

I'm working with WordPress, Movable Type and Blosxom.

So far, I can't get the posts OUT of Blogger and INTO the other programs.

And there are other setup issues with each of those other programs.

I WISH Blogger would integrate CATEGORIES --- then I would NOT want to be moving my blog.

Sorry for few posts lately.

I really am trying to make the blog BETTER, though. Be patient for a little longer.

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When you read the details of Ratzinger's instructions about Catholics and pro-choice candidates, there is room for Catholics to vote Democratic.

There is not much room for politicians to be pro-choice and Catholic, but there is room to vote for a pro-choice candidate.

Bush was unafraid of a potential backlash from Catholics offended by Ratzingers instructions. Why would Bush be unafraid? I guess he had done enough polling (Rove and company of course) and knew the backlash would not be as strong as the vote among the faithful, or that liberal Catholics might just stay home rather than vote pro-choice.

Anyway, Bush and Rove called it right, and Ratzinger helped out a bit at Bush's request, it appears. | Holy warriors: "President Bush treated his final visit with Pope John Paul II in Vatican City on June 4, 2004, as a campaign stop. After enduring a public rebuke from the pope about the Iraq war, Bush lobbied Vatican officials to help him win the election. 'Not all the American bishops are with me,' he complained, according to the National Catholic Reporter. He pleaded with the Vatican to pressure the bishops to step up their activism against abortion and gay marriage in the states during the campaign season.

About a week later, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger sent a letter to the U.S. bishops, pronouncing that those Catholics who were pro-choice on abortion were committing a 'grave sin' and must be denied Communion."

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