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The propaganda angle in the Jeff Gannon debacle is what interests me.

And Fox News comes to the rescue, led by Brit Hume.

Propaganda can be overt or subtle. Hume and crew suggest that Gannon is honorable when they mention that Gannon is a pen name like "Mark Twain". That's no accident, the mention of Mark Twain. IT was calculated to create an impression.

Then this guy Krauthammer, who I've read for many years and disliked, comes out with utter BS about how Gannon's so-called news site, Talon News, is like State or The Nation.

It's a desperate effort to try to drop a safety net under what could be a huge scandal. You might not know this yet, but there are allegations that Gannon acquired secret intelligence documents, or saw them, and played a role in exposing the identity of am intelligence agent for political reasons.

So the scandal potential for the White House is HUGE ---- An alleged gay prostitute allowed to be in the press room nearly every day, seeing secret documents, possibly involved in treasonous activity.

So the Fox spinwits are working overtime to try to minimize the damage.

Let's turn the tables ----- What if this scandal occurred under CLINTON? Does ANYONE think that Hume and Fox and Krauthammer woudl say ANYTHING to minimize the scandal?

NO WAY! That's what propaganda is all about, when so-called news shows spin things and distort to benefit one political party or another.

Crooks and Liars: "Brit Hume compares Jeff Gannon's name change to Mark Twain.

On Special Report with Brit Hume 2/10, Hume and his panel got around to discussing the Guckert/Gannon flap.

Bill Sammon from the Moonie/ Washington Times said:

Sammon:...his real name first of all is James Guckert, but he changed his name to, sort of a nom de plume(pen name) I guess...

Hume: It's an honorable tradition you know(unintelligble)..Mark Twain


Sammon called it a plot from the liberal bloggers and press to supress a conservative voice; which will be the new republican talking point on the issue.

Jeff Birnbaum hinted at the truth, while Krauthammer laughably compared Talon News to Slate, and the Nation."

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